About me

Just before letting you know why I call myself a shapeshifter, I would like to give you some information about who I am.

My name is María Lucía Thomas (better call me Lulu) and I was born in 1991, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

That being said, you will most probably be wondering why I chose to write in English and not Spanish? Or not. Maybe your first thought was about where I live at the moment.

Well, I’ve got a shapeshifting answer for you.

I don’t live anywhere else but in Buenos Aires, and no, my mum and dad  were not born in an english speaking country.

Oh yes, sure, I do have relatives in england and the states but, again, they were not born over there either.

The matter is, my grandparents had a english upbringing and they kept those customs.

As I grew up speaking english to my argentinean relatives I began to really appreciate  their ways and manners. I used, and still do, read a lot of english books as well. I would drink english tea, enjoy english music… Nowadays, I even listen to celtic tunes. I’m embarrased, but once I even tried to learn gaelic. Obviously, that went all wrong. A completely disaster.

But let’s move to the important stuff. I’ll try not to be a pest from now on.

I’ve studied to become a wine sommelier. At the moment,  I’m in University trying to finish my food engineering degree. I’m, as well, working on the screenplay for a web series related to wine.

I also take guitar and singing lessons, (I’m planning to get on stage at some point of my life), and enjoy excercising a lot.

To be able to cope with all these crazy and random activities, I do assist to counseling sessions. 
The most up-to-date news about my life is that I’ve been following a plant-based diet for sometime already. I’m still trying to get used to it, though.

Still, what I do is not as importat as WHY I do it. The reason why I do all this stuff, even if it looks so demanding and, let me tell you, I do sometimes feel i’m going to burst, is because I wish and dream a lot.

I wish to become a singer, writer and reasercher. I want to be able to comunicate through my lyrics and writings about the process of healing our body and soul, the process of healing nature, of healing the place we live in…

I wish to encourage people to follow their own path, to find whatever they love the most and have the courage to make a change to become what they really are. I want to help people to find their happy self.

I wish for all of you to realise we need to start living once and for all, we need to get conscious about what IS happening, what IS NOT happening and what SHOULD BE happening around us.

I now invite you to read about the power of being a shapeshifter on the next tab.

Have a good day folks!