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The ginger girl

A youthful girl she was. Ginger as a child. Her hair deep red as the hiding sun during sunset. Her skin, white as the falling snow, covered up in freckles,and the touch of her arms almost like leather.
Wide blue eyes she had, and a mysterious look,in tune with being somehow part of a thriller book
Gentle in her walk, she crossed hidden streets looking at no-one while she peeped.
No touch or sound would be pronounced in order to evade her being found.
Though immersed in her joyful game, the ginger girl seemed not to exist. Only an old lady, mad as a cow, was convinced a young lady she had seen.

‘This teen, freckles and white skin she has, and comes to visit me every time.’

‘Nobody, but you madam, has seen her before. Who is it you are talking about so much so?’

‘She died, a few years ago, but her spirit has remained lingering all alone. She believes she’s still alive, playing hide and seek with no-one around. She craves love and wishes for kindness. That, which on her living years she didn’t get. That’s why she lingers. That’s why she stays. And I wish for her wellness and for someone caring in return. So she can leave to rest in peace, where she belongs, and can remain long.’


#story #ginger #girl #ghost #phanthom #oldlady #caring #love #linger

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