Highly Sensitive Person, Thoughts

You, me and some body

As we meet up at a coffee store
you look into my eyes not frightened at all.

I, on the other hand, struggle and evade your sight,
searching for your lips as a way to hide.

My mind runs away, while my body stays,
acting as a barrier between both ourselves. 

I do like you, but do not like me,
rejecting the whole which I see.

I excuse myself to the ladies room
while you at the table stay
watching me walk away.

There, I look into the mirror,
and ask the person standing in front of me…

Is my image distorted?
Because that’s so unfortunate.
When I’m trying my best to keep present, nonturbulent.

I wish I could go back and meet you at the table again.
But my frame is the only one there and I have left you plain.

I dispise my shape deep in my soul.
Though I desire no hatred and that’s all I’ve got.

It’s not you and me anymore.
It’s you and some body which has parted from my whole.


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