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‘Every wrinkle tells a story’

Since we are born, the only real reason for us being alive is the presence of love.

In spite of this understanding, we sometimes try to avoid it, wishing to deal with no pain at all.

Some souls mate easier tan others, finding their loved ones as life flows.

But, those other souls which have it harder, get into a ride full of bumps and crossroads, not knowing where to go.

They find it difficult to deal with romantic encounters and end up running around in circles, keeping at arm’s length possible kindred wholes.

As time goes by, and most souls have already mated, wrinkles, though in silence, speak their truth, showing how straight or warped their lifeline was drawn.

The picture of a lifetime on a face.

The painting of a loveline, done with a brushstroke, touching the wrinkle of an old and experienced grace.

Ma. Lulu

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