dreams, poetry, Thoughts

Embrace your humanity

When deep in my dreams

I wonder about life.

I twist it and mix it,

bringing chaos to my sight.

I find myself holding trophies,

irrupting into other bodies,

Connecting things which really don’t match.

I meet different people,

see others i’ve lost,

wondering about asking,

where did they go.

I lose all humanity,

Imprisoned by insanity,

Experimenting feelings of really no joy.

The dreams become nightmares,

everything turning dark.

Creature craves disappearance,

but just falls appart.

She hysterically tries to hide,

wishing she could fly.

But passages and alleys, won’t grant her a spark.

Play along with life

who knows what you need,

and nothing will happen

It won’t happen indeed.

Beautiful soul,

wake up and let go.

Embrace your humanity, and pain will be gone.

Ma. Lulu

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