My dad, the moon

I stepped out to watch the sky.

Oh, shinning stars.

Dark, as the night gets,

the moon was full,

lighting every roof.

Thrilling, I must confess.

But mine was omitted,

as if a crime it had committed,

Why? I couldn’t possibly know.

So tears poured out of my eyes,

and as down they came,

covering my face,

I wouldn’t believe our disgrace.


What happened next?


My father came out,

and stood by my side,

watching the moon as it grew.

He was standing on my left,

staring right ahead,

and with no spoken words,

undestood how I felt.

Dad grabbed my right arm

and pressed it hard,

trying to design, for me, a smile.

We then both looked behind,

the house was turning white,

and the moon setting the roof bright.


He said, my dad,

‘I’m here, kid, by your side, and now the moon forever will shine’.


Ma. Lulu

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