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Inspiration in a boat

Yesterday I sat down to write, with really nothing in mind.

In time, I came to realise my inspiration had somewhere gone.

Hidden in a boat.

Sailing on her own she went, leaving me behind filled with regret.

The rain came, by the way, and wouldn’t go away, only to stay.

I was soaking wet, devoid of a tent and with nothing to be fed.

My paper and pencil had also parted,

following her up, she, who on a distant island had landed.

I could see them from a distance, having fun,

released from the burden of my existance.

Oh please inspiration, do come back to stay here by my side.

I’ll keep wainting, still writing,

After you left everything became so uncertain.

I can’t keep going, though, without your presence,

and both your dear friends, paper and pencil.

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