Who I am

Growing up

When I was a child I was ginger,

When I was so young I would linger,

Now I’ve grown up and I’ve changed much.

When I went to school I would get mad,

When I changed my mood all that seemed far,

Time has gone by and I’ve changed much.

I was shy, but never left aside,

Wasn’t wild, but would give it a try,

I would blush in every circumstance

and fight it back.

I was bright, but never realized

I could grow to become something more,

I was sure I was second best,

And not so blessed.

Today my body talks and remembers,

Today my body walks a resembles,

A plain girl with a freckled face.

Today I don’t give up I don’t tremble,

Today I work so hard to be humble,

The past is now past, I should live with that.

Today I don’t complain,

Won’t feel ashamed,

Let’s not believe in fate again.

It’s all part of this living game.

All I want is to be my own friend.

Ma. Lulu

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