Have you ever asked yourself what is it that we see when we look at ourselves in the mirror?

Have you ever asked youself wether we were even capable of fully recognizing our face, our features, our expressions, as we are standing there staring at someone that resembles our face magnificently, without a single imperfection?

How can we be certain that it is us, on the other side of that piece of looking glass, and not someone else pretending to be who WE are?
How can we be certain that it is not our imagination speaking instead?

How can we be sure that our existance is the one that is genuine, and that it is not a shameful imitation of a person who is only watching over us, being trapped inside a vessel full of deep emotions and confounding feelings?

How can it be that simple charming image is enough for us to be content with who we are?

Are we that shallow? Are we really that superficial and apathetic towards life?

I am no role model in this matter myself, I must confess…

But still,  I really like to think of us, human beings, as emotionally complex creatures which are capable of displaying more than just features. Which are capable of connecting to other living existences, by energetic networks, filling up their most dreadful and unwanted flaws in order to, finally, make the present and future paths endurable and even sometimes gratifying.

I honestly believe we are not made of just flesh and bones.

We are in need of understanding that what we fisically are is, not at all, what we truly are. That our true self rests within our body, within our souls and that it is for our own sake that we should let people sincerely appreciate it.

Ma. Lulu


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