Mother Nature has spoken

Trust has already been broken,

And, hence, mother nature has spoken.  

She is not feeling right as rain,

So it’s our duty to avoid the pain.




Black hands show how much work there’s to be done.

Hurt hands show life’s not always fun.

But as long as we maintain the will to keep going far,

we won’t be ever hindered from growing up.


It’s not always easy to keep life’s space

And I know it could be easier if we all believed in fate.

But… as it’s not really my case,

then I just need to show up and expose my face.


Pretending to be an eloquent speaker

I extol the virtues of being a plant-based eater.

And as I’m jubilant about being a shapeshifter

I can manage you trying me to get weaker.


You don’t care a bit about what I preach.

You don’t care a shit about what’s not at your reach.

So let’s get everyone going to the beach,

and avoid the trouble of me making a speech.


I know we all want to do what we most desire,

but the only place we have to live in is burning on fire.

This land is our one last supplier,

we need to get it back to what it once was and simply admire.




Ma. Lulu

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