Not human

The truth is…

Facts and beliefs don’t always agree,

Tracks and paths don’t always coincide.

Wisdom and vision don’t always find freedom.

Problems and quarrels don’t always become battles,


Start a conversation and you’ll be mentioned

Start an argument and you’ll be questioned

Make a statement and you’ll be neglected

Make an announcement and you’ll be rejected.

If you are being thrilled and fulfilled

with no other thing in between,

If you are being enchanted and captivated

with everything that’s unreal,

If you are being driven by the inner desire of achieving goals,

If you are being driven by those bloody admirable results…

Then imagine you feel great about something,

And that that something becomes your living.

Now imagine you were only dreaming,

And that it was all about performing without winning.

If all that made any sense for you…

I should be straight and that’s for good.

You ARE NOT human, that’s for sure…

And if you are not human, then you are just like me.

Ma. Lulu

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