About me

I’m a writer. Hence, I write.

Blog posts, short-stories, articles, novels (actually working on my first novel, so should probably erase the s, but I won’t as I plan to write more than one)

I’m a wine sommelier as well. Some of those articles have been about wine tasting notes, production regions, the different wine grapes and their characteristics… won’t write about that here, though.

Then, I’m, too, Laboratory Technician, food oriented. I’ve never worked as such, but im really interested in healthy food and healthy lifestyle. I, at the moment, don’t write about these matters, but, instead, have an instagram account, @thegutdrama, where I draw some cute comic strips to laugh a bit about the healing journey of gut conditions. (I’m an IBS and severe Leaky Gut sufferer myself.)

I write in English and Spanish. I you wanna read some pretty fantastic but as well real stories, then you’ve come to the write place.

I hope you enjoy it!

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